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The Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs New England (OPEN-NE) was launched in 1998 as the first chapter of what has since blossomed into a multi-chapter, pan US (and soon global) organization with membership in the several thousands. It provides the following amoung many other benefits.

•    Mentorship
•    Educational and Informational initiatives
•    Internship and Job Opportunities
•    Events which  bring together global thought leaders for discusson on current topics of mutual interest
•    Creating bridges between entrepreneurs and professionals in Pakistan and in the US

OPEN New England is proud to provide a great platform to the Pakistani American entrepreneurs and professionals to showcase their outstanding contributions to the US economy as well provide a conduit to the mainstream business and professional community in the US to interact with the Pakistani diaspora both in New England and in Pakistan.


Looking Forward to 2014

Our mission is simple. We want to Connect. Develop. Inspire.
Connect our community to each other and to opportunities. Develop ourselves, our careers and our businesses. Inspire ourselves and each other to reach our business and personal goals.
Our 2014 resolutions are to help you meet your professional goals by:

  1. Continuing our excellent breakfast series with compelling speakers and networking
  2. Adding breakout groups after each breakfast series so you can get customized advice
  3. Connecting with other professional and civic organizations in Atlanta like Mentorship Atlanta (www.mentorshipatlanta.com), AMYP (Atlanta Muslim Young Professionals - www.atlmyp.org) and others to help create a strong and vibrant professional presence of our members

How about making one of your 2014 resolutions to join our amazing OPEN Atlanta team to volunteer and engage with OPEN Atlanta? We need your help. We promise you the opportunity to learn and to grow in your career aspirations and to contribute.
Come to our Jan 12 breakfast series this Sunday at 10am at the UPS Headquarters (55 Glenlake Parkway, 30328). This is a free session and light breakfast will be served. Join us in making our community a place where we help support each other’s advancement.

OPEN Islamabad Launched

OPEN Islamabad Launched

OPEN Islamabad was approved as our latest chapter.  

The board has been constituted with the following founding members taking the first term: 

  • Dr. Arshad
  • Ather Imran Nawaz
  • Farrukh Malik
  • Junaid Kalim
  • Mansoor Khan
  • Obaid Khawaj
  • Owais Anjum.

 Ather Imran Nawaz will serve as the Chairman of the Board for the first term.

Owais Anjum has been nominated as the President of the Chapter for the first term.

The functional teams are being built and we would need active participation from at least a few of the Charter Members to drive and guide them.


OPEN Karachi is the association's first chapter outside the United States and also its first foot-hold into Pakistan thereby helping to strengthen the communication between the North American chapters and industry in Pakistan. Since the association's charter is to provide networking opportunities and enhanced business opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals of Pakistani heritage in North America, the decision to launch its local presence, was a critical one.

Organizational Structure:
Organizationally OPEN Karachi has a Patron, a Board of Directors, and an
Executive Committee. Organizationally OPEN Karachi falls into the following
1. Patron
2. Board of directors
The first or founding board consists of the seven Founding Charter
Members of OPEN Karachi
3. Charter Members
18 members are on board OPEN Karachi as charter members.
4. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee that is responsible for running the day-to-day
operations of OPEN Karachi has 17 members
5. Student Chapters
OPEN Karachi student chapter has been formed at 6 universities.



The mission of OPEN, Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America, is the promotion of entrepreneurship, professional development and mentoring in the Pakistani-American business community. Established in Boston in 1998, OPEN now has chapters in Houston, New York, Chicago, Silicon Valley, and Washington DC. Do you want to make a difference? And/or need help in the world of entrepreneurship.;Come join OPEN Houston and be part of an organization whose charter is to foster entrepreneurship and professional development.

OPEN Held it's Annual Forum in April 2013


OPEN-London is a voluntary, not-for-profit, inclusive organisation, focused primarily on the
promotion of entrepreneurship and business leadership in the British Pakistani community.
There are many organisations with similar goals and objectives based in London. What makes
Open-London different?
OPEN-London is the first Chapter of Open-Global to be launched in Britain. Open-Global is a
global community of Chapters spanning, North America, Pakistan and now Britain. It operates in
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Karachi, Lahore, London, New York, Silicon Valley and Washington DC.
It has over 4,000 active members. You will be networked into this global organization

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